Champion: The Legacy of Jackie Nitschke

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’ve got a few songs featured in a new documentary, Champion: The Legacy of Jackie Nitschke, which was produced by the Green Bay firm, Arketype. My wife and I were lucky enough to attend a private screening a couple weeks ago at Lambeau Field. The documentary tells a number of very powerful stories about dealing with and overcoming addiction and the great things that the Jackie Nitschke Center is doing for the community of Green Bay. There is a free screening at the Weidner Center coming up on December 1st. Check it out if you get the chance.

Naked As We Came on Netflix

Remember awhile back when I told you I had a song in the feature film, Naked As We Came? Well, it’s easier than ever to check out the film as it’s now streaming on Netflix. Check it out here. My song is featured at the end of the movie and during the credits.


Nathan Mathes in Frankly Green Bay

If you've ever been in a discussion with me about music and the state of the local music "scene" (or simply read a few of my condescending posts about the never-ending Packers coverage that is the local media), you've no doubt picked up on the fact that I feel quite jaded and cynical about the Green Bay press, Green Bay music venues, and Green Bay music fans.

I feel that all of my complaints are well-founded, and I try to be as objective as possible--I only express out loud (online) a fraction of the frustrations that ruminate through my head. That being said, I want to be sure that I'm balanced (not like Fox News balanced, but really balanced) in my portrayal of the Green Bay music/arts scene, and I've recently had cause for a mini-celebration of sorts, thanks to Frankly Green Bay.

Frankly Green Bay is attempting to do what no other media publication is doing in the Green Bay area, and that is to focus largely on the music, arts, and entertainment that represent Green Bay. Instead of writing mostly about culture that is passing through Green Bay, or about individuals who are from Green Bay but had to move away to achieve some semblance of success, Frankly Green Bay is mainly focused on covering the arts and artists who are firmly rooted in the Green Bay area.

In my mind, this is probably not an easy thing to do. I've often thought about the lack of culture in Green Bay as a chicken/egg situation. Is there a lack of culture in Green Bay because people don't want it, or do people not expect culture in Green Bay because there is so little to be found? The people at Frankly Green Bay are doing their due diligence to shine a lot on all of the great things Green Bay has to offer, which, in my mind, will hopefully work to narrow the focus of the chicken/egg argument I just outlined: soon no one will be able to cite ignorance in their lack of support for the local arts.

Full disclosure: I'm probably not being the MOST objective about Frankly Green Bay at the moment-- their August issue includes a really nice article about me. Regardless, these are thoughts I've had about Frankly Green Bay since I was first turned on to their publication several months ago by one of their contributing writers, Matty Day (the very same Matty Day who wrote the piece about me).

In closing, I want to thank Frankly Green Bay and Matty Day for what they're doing for Green Bay. Chalk one up in the win column for the local cultural community.

Check out the article about me (and the rest of the current issue) here. And/or pick up a hard copy at one of these Green Bay area locations.


This is a song I felt I needed to write. Many of my songs are pretty self-indulgent, obtuse songs about who-knows-what. This one was written with a purpose. This is a song for my son Julian.

This song was born from some of the scary thoughts that have begun to work their way into my mind since becoming a father. People warned me that it would happen, and it’s certainly proving true. I worry about my son. A lot. I worry about car accidents when he and my wife travel. I worry about him falling down the steps, or having a bad reaction to peanuts, or getting a terrible illness, or choking on a carrot...I worry. The worry isn’t crippling or anything, but it’s something new that I’ve been having to learn to deal with. That’s why I wrote this song.

I came up with the premise while mowing the lawn one afternoon (Julian loves watching me mow the lawn). Initially I thought it would be a silly song about disasters that might doom the planet: volcano ashes, global market crashes, the earth spinning off its axis...but that seemed too insincere, so the approach became more serious. The metaphors I ended up with pretty closely mirror these broad, general feelings of worry that I experience, but they don’t get too depressing, and they remain universal ideas, I feel.

What I was able to create pretty aptly captures where I am at in my life. I sometimes struggle to be the best father and husband I can be, but I recognize that this amazing life I have is really only temporary and needs to be appreciated on a daily basis.

I feel that we, as human beings, constantly struggle to be the best human beings we can be. Events in recent weeks and months have many of us thinking and worrying about all that has gone wrong, all that can go wrong, all that might go wrong. Sometimes it’s easier to worry about the bad instead of appreciating the good. This song addresses those feelings, while also imploring the listener to take time to love, work to allow love to shine through the worry and darkness.

These aren’t new concepts, and I’m not presenting them in an entirely new manner or anything. The song is meant as a reminder--a reminder to myself to be sure to love and enjoy my loved ones (and my friends as neighbors as well) as much as I can on a daily basis. I’m hoping that perhaps it will remind and inspire others to do the same.

Love Each Other (While We Have The Chance)