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Well, I try but fortunately I have been a person to live, is not too crowded, you first lived here with me," tearful girl, I do not know I'm narcissistic, I think she looked into my eyes with spinach autumn. I looked down and noticed her chest, when ups and downs, my heart also trembles - a heartbeat, indicating still alive. She finally turned that page, interested in dull, I looked at her profile, I can not help but asked: "? For now things before you, you can not remember the slightest. this is the case, the house could be the girl in the end what people? I grew more and more afraid not think of going. "? Today, buy a lot of cutting," "ah" I took out my wallet and looked at her bags of goods from the price of the scanner, Didi tick past. I bought a full set of the next body, and then went downstairs orangutan, and self-comforting thought: such a "generous" put her away, you can change yourself a peace of mind." Luanxiang moment did not dare to see chaos, I put things into the kitchen to put on the table. Oops, I suddenly thought of a fatal problem - so hastily led her back home, now that the murderer would not have been eyeing me? Like leaning Empress Lafayette, I respectfully will help the girl to the living room sofa. "Ah, this is my home and you finally woke up, feeling a little better yet?" I pointed to hurt her head, the girl touched me to help her bundle of bandages, bewildered.