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In Shanghai a bleak sky, you who can not imagine - now reflected in the sparkling chandeliers, how my eyes just like a angel girl. ." Voice even colder than the night, I was bleeding at heart cold. Unconsciously day, bright. The road in front is covered with fog, can not see anything, the cold wind constantly bashing the name of my face, ear and sound buzzed the ring, as if to remind me of an unknown omen. In contrast, I am curious, but is that her name, this girl, there must be a good listen to the name of it? I told her my name introduced himself, then asked: "? How about you, what's your name. Coupled with a night of anxious worry did not stop busy, makes me feel Shenxinpilei - nervous tension can not stand a long time, so it is easily tired. Oklahoma City Thunder champion jerseys Moment of happiness and horror staggered jet lag is very short, sudden, my chest a little shock, I'll stop. What will happen next? Just chilling, do not think - it must be because the front of the woman, which is from her to my house after the occurrence of all sorts! I was regret: No, I can not stay at home this woman, the moment will not work, she is definitely not human! Be sure to find a way to send out her gently, I lifted my eyes to see her, too harsh, we have got under the determination! I said: "What do you want to eat at noon, I get a takeaway bar.