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" Grandma gave me tea eggs peel action paused, then sighed. " I was a sour, took her hand, "Great, yeah, you got me, I Hello, when I said let me basking you come to my house. Olympic USA Jersey jerseys cheap "Oh mother my old lady so nice for our family, what's good for her tight I ah, you said last night she came back for what demon, it scared me, but also to her funeral not do very scenery I do, how we come back grinding ah, really alive is not unreasonable, nor unreasonable ah dead! " I listened to the words of my heart still Fengxia together, it does not know who is not unreasonable ah, her grandmother promised dollar is not what we do not see, how to say it so nicely." Grandmother direct waved, interrupted soul sister, then took a deep breath and looked at her, "the mind, we do not talk about this, the children do not know that, no matter Zhashui, two days Thank you, ah, we still lead the progenitor Sun both live such a good hotel, I have not lived this life to such a good child. Corner of my eye has looked behind that thing, he should be a kid squatted there, motionless, thought he was a child, I drum drum courage, "roll !!!" "what's your name!" I have this voice directly next to the unicorn Zhuo scared, pale he looked at me on the shoulder bag fell to the ground directly. " "Yes ah, a kid sister do not like to wear a skirt it.

" "Jiao Long ah, grandpa tell you ah, a child can see, you can see all right, do not be afraid on the line. I listen to grandma said, after the child was twelve years old Ding, president of armor, that character will slowly harden, this time will be completely invisible, while the child is able to see the peak of the previous five. " Grandma waved his hand, took the envelope "OK, you do not say, and the money I received, I have to thank you, let me hold either Jiao Long gone, we too boring old married couple days off." I direct export." Grandma impatient tone, he looked at me and suddenly Hanliaoliangsheng "Jiao Long ah, Jiao Long?" I just want to Zheng Yanjing, I heard Grandpa next said, "you call child doing, she had been asleep.

When they left, the grandfather next to the opening, "the old woman ah, the three lame can not come to the bar, the clappers of things can not spread out, or else, this person may be jealous of plenty. "You mind good sister. Olympic USA Jersey jerseys china " Soul sister are too busy to greet us, and it's caught my father's arm, "until later, her brother, and quickly to help, little scene out of a thing!" "Little King, who is a little scene ah!" Dad was bewildered soul sister pull it out of the running, I rushed back to her grandmother also shouted "Mom, Jojo, you guys do not go !!" I am a little fat ignorant, I feel this matter how attached a one, that Zhuo King come in yet, thinking, I looked up at grandma "basking, you also go. Olympic USA Jersey jerseys deals " "How can you be so rescue! Her legs have been broken into this, and I suspect that the infection caused by an allergy, you have what is the use spray liquor, feudal superstition kill people, ah! If there is anything this aunt, that you killed you know! I let the police catch you! you do not know how many people will be killed !! " Young doctor became very excited, as if he were in the face of a group of ignorant people.