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" This is in a hurry, "put the money that you can not lose. Olympic Canada Jersey jersey But he confused my children did not cry, I looked at him lying on the ground can not help but went closer look "Three lame, children do, my children too!" Three Crips are they attend to me, from his pocket a red line, then to the Department on a grass, there are even flowers red flowers, like most children of the sky pigtail, I often play in the mountains, Usually the mountain flowers are aware of what the cat Guduo flower ah, ah what can be eaten every day (day eggplant), and so many are aware, three lame lines that I've never even seen. Grandma suddenly silent, and looked at me and sighed, "Well, since you sensible, that grandmother brought you to the provincial capital, and brought you go to a large hospital, how we listen to the doctor said, is not to say that you see a doctor is a monster. . I was choking speechless, soul sister took my hand, "Well, sister to lead you to do inspections, and we then listen Zhuoshu Shu how to say ah.

" I looked at grandma snuffling, then carefully put ginseng handed her "Grandma, he was a son. Olympic Canada Jersey jerseys 5xl "Ma Jiao Long, you tri Today I feel good, give you said said, play with you that is simply not a child, is a fine ginseng, ginseng can into a fine, it should be done for hundreds of years, t in this thank you, ah, thank you for letting t made a fortune, go home, and so t after the money certainly will not forget you, you buy delicious ah! "three lame took the ginseng at me put a couple, heels going down. Olympic Canada Jersey jerseys blank " I nodded, "basking in that for those children with you." "I finished the job and then play.

Then, three lame stumbled ran out of the house from my house, a look of panic "help ah !!" I'm a little fat, ignorant, do not know three lame this is how I saw him staggering rushed to the yard, it seems that the general madness, some villagers stand in the yard of the automatic spread out, to make him a piece open space, he did not run out, a pair of eyes stare boss, kept in place shouted "help ah! help me quickly !!" The villagers also told me about the face, another whisper muttered "He is a loud noise, loud noise with mental illness like got?" "That's a good horse aunt home is casually into, is not rushed to the Han. Olympic Canada Jersey home jerseys " "This is what's the ah, you want to your child, he hurt his soul, have been so asleep, yang weak, not so go at me scare you, the children are likely to sleep in the past, it really accompany your father to go, even if not, the child will do after the disease, horoscopes too soft, easy to provoke dirty stuff home. Of course, maybe another reason she is tight-lipped, my grandma is really good for her, she almost put my house as her home. N daze it, put a good ginseng plant directly from the text head down, I was surprised, Shenshouqujie, ginseng directly dropped my hands, I looked at the hands of ginseng, the instinct was to lift his clothes and bruising belly has now only a layer of pale pink, and not at all it does not hurt anymore, I seemed to understand what his mouth murmured talking about the "Son, you let me take the matter to the grandma and grandpa eat it .