Born and raised in northeast Wisconsin, indie-folk singer/songwriter Nathan Mathes spent a number of years fronting bands in the Green Bay area before releasing his first solo album, American Whitecaps, in 2010. On American Whitecaps Mathes combines his love of 60s pop with his affinity for 90s post-punk. Mathes played all the instruments and recorded the album himself, roles he’s continued to fill on his subsequent albums. Mathes released Roselawn, his “ode to his wife”, in 2011. Bellwether. Arbutus, a collection of ambient, reverb-laden songs, and Recs, an album of stripped-down acoustic tracks, were released on the same day in 2013. Libet, released in early 2014, sees Mathes continuing with this ambient-folk approach, honing it to a fine point.

Anajune Rival, set for release in January of 2016, is Mathes’ most dynamic album to date. Musically he takes his folk and rock approaches and stretches them to new lengths. Lyrically he draws inspiration from the birth of his son as well as from “found” sources (books, television, movies), and in doing so has created an album that is both introspective and personal as well as emotional and relatable on a broader scale.

Mathes has played extensively throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest, and his music has been used in a number of independent films, national television shows, and national radio shows, with placements on TBS, MTV, HBO, VH1, PBS, NPR, Netflix, and more.