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"Oh!" Tracy could not help standing behind me, an spit out, and then holding his mouth, stride rushed out." Carter, a small shadow ran straight out from the body Zhuo King, a jump a jump on from the doorway out." "Unicorn?" I listened to his words, can not help but frown "Kirin is something." I do not know why my heart a bit uncomfortable, no longer speak, grandma next took my hand, "Jiao Long ah, if you want to seat tricycle grandmother brought back seat when ah. number on Detroit Red Wings jerseys " "Why ah." I heard the sound of three lame unconsciously made a Ji Ling, some fear looked a grandmother "Grandma, hurry the children hide it!" Grandmother'd look of calm, pulled my hands, "all right, I think he has the guts to take!" Then, I went directly pulled out." I froze for a moment, watching the grandmother, "I rescued the big Ah?" I do not remember, the last memory that I kept fluttering in the river, extremely uncomfortable. There is a word to say to grandma's, and some things that I would grow up to know, for example, I did not explain the curious world.

Dad looked at me next, "Jojo, raw gas which your mother?" "My name Jiao Long, Long Jiao Ma!" I looked at him loudly talking. number on Columbus Blue Jackets jerseys " I was stunned, "Grandma, we are not to follow the soul sister go with it, the car seat. number on Dallas Stars jerseys " Lame mouth three Mamalielie went into my room." "No! I do not finish the meal to which she could not go !!" Xu Gang screaming in the house just growled. Grandma in the county knew the news was furious, every ring rope father divorced her mother, but fortunately father was a sensible man, he has been very guarding mother, so it was my father temporarily pressure down." Grandma seeing it and hit me, quickly stepped forward to protect the back of my grandfather, grandmother watched the opening "What are you doing ah, you give it broke, the child is still small, it is not sensible ! " "I can remember, I was a monster, so my mother has not come back to see me, I can be when the boy when the girl! I want to be a boy, the boy can protect yourself!" I shouted loudly, a fearless look . " Zheng Yanjing although I did not see, but can imagine my grandfather was shocked by the way, "the hell? You said Jiao Long life committed evil split marriage? Then you must break to break ah, we could take her to Shashi Hou ah, that time we both gone, the children how to do ah! " "Your voice down.

" Her milk was alive bad for her, but also her mother wanted her dead and she was not good for her father, by contrast, she and her brother's poor treatment of too many. number on Colorado Avalanche jerseys Grandma looked at me and smiled, "because it is the grandmother who Xianer talking, not talking grandmother ah. "Ah big, red aunt Who" Xu dollars dim facial features "might later be my stepmother. Grandmother pulled him, "You'll corpuscles, this thing does not ah, if three lame saw this wooden club, and he'll let you get back to Long Johnson." "Grandma and grandpa to eat not spoil you!" I'm a little anxious. " Grandma nodded, "oh." Grandmother immediately looked and nodded "Yes, she is your soul sister, I've seen pictures, she is.