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" Some helpless grandmother said, looking at me, "Jiao Long ah, do not blame your grandmother ah, it finally brought you to wade cities , not lead you out to play a play, did what is good. Nuggets jerseys uk Xu dollars back and look puzzled, and looked at me, "how do you, ah, ah my mother had nothing behind." Some grandma grandmother looked suspiciously "This is not a big age people normally do, then talk to young children than the Manner of yet. Nuggets jerseys swingman " Grandma laughed "Well, go upstairs, we wait for you to come to dinner sister ah. "Do not fight! Do not fight!" Cried the grandmother and next "to any death myself !!" But grandma playing badly force, shouting grandmother standing Leng Shimo dare approached, may be afraid to hurt her grandmother again. "If the town doctor said Johnson Long can surgery, she completely let it become a girl, the future can get married yet." Then, look at me, "Johnson dragon ah, you have to remember that you are not the same with the other kids, you will see, so , even if you saw it, you do not go out nonsense, easy to scare the people you know." I shook my head, "not afraid.

" "I do not eat, grandma, this is the children, can not eat him!" I looked at some frightened grandmother he said. "When boys and girls are not your own choice, there is a girl in your life you know." Grandma to see me, "Yes, you stay a little longer in the hallway, which is to say you do not understand, and so out of ah grandmother, while her grandmother take you to eat good food." I Enliaoyisheng, wiped sweat head of the "children of the dream." I turned and looked at the smiling faces of the soul sister, although I do not then sensible, but that she was looking for this certain particularly wealthy boyfriend, so in order to buy her car, but let me live with grandmother so much hotel , as well as elevators, as well as the first time I met the sensing faucet and out, or hot water." My grandmother, then a smattering, looking grandmother "is that my life is not good, but you do not say I'll do, Mr." I looked at this extremely calm to talk about the dead child, "You are someone's child, ah, how can you know you can save so much ah.

" I was stunned, "Grandma, we are not to follow the soul sister go with it, the car seat. Nuggets jerseys wholesale "Basking, so many lights, it does not cost electricity." "Then we will never separate from the row right, when a lifetime friend okay, Jiao Long, my dad said that you may later want to return to the county, go to your mother's school, you do not go all right, if you are gone, how do I what. " "Oh. "Well, Sister, you do not say!" Dad shouted at her a voice, and keep my grandmother "Mom, my oldest sister so that you do not worry ah. Nuggets jerseys store " Said, reaching force said something directly Yexia my shorts, I'm scared, "ah!" The cry of instinctive feel too embarrassed, pulled his vest Qudang own following, but Phoenix Xia eyes were straight, her eyes staring straight to my private parts, opened my mouth, "you are what look below. "Hey, how to call our own things at home, ah, Jojo is not our family, ah, let her know, because she, victims of home to spend much money.