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Big platform, I feel a long walk, my grandmother has been talking about, I say if they saw the sister some painfully, not rude, we come to the city people's trouble. " Then grandma patted me on the back, "Johnson dragon ah, ah all right, all right to go home, while going to the old Oona last incense, everything our family could not come, who can not scare you ah, do not be afraid, grandmother of it is still here." I slowly opened his eyes, eyes the scene again almost scared the pants of urine, "Grandma! Snake !!!" No wonder three lame will to roll on the ground, rolling on his plot of land, packed full of snakes, those colorful snake wrapped around him, have him strangled, I see Mao Duli up covered in sweat ." Grandma some displeasure. Nuggets game jerseys " Grandmother pointing below, looked at me, cold high pitched voice, "dig !!" My grandmother looked like a little nervous, did not dare say anything, squat body dug up, because the river is a stone, I just push lightly a few instantly by some sharp stones tore her fingers, when the heart of a tight, then looked up at her grandmother "broken hand. That all of a sudden, the father and mother have the heart to her grandmother Yun Aunt are looking to the grandmother, grandmother face some fat ignorant, he pointed to his "My thing?" Then, from the house to pull out." Grandma stood outside look of grievances "Yesterday, I have not looked at the loud noise, then we go home together today I could fool a good hug, What kind of things ah, but I hope the day's big night hope grandson ah !! " Heart Yun below tugged Aunt Angel, "You go to grandma could fool you.

" Then scratched my hand "Jiao Long, this is your Aunt, that soul sister's sister. " "That I can play with him?" Grandma smiled, stood up and took me, "he would later have a thing to say to you in a dream, and will always be in your side. Nuggets grey jerseys Let us talk about the contradiction between the mother and grandmother, my grandmother in our village children is a look at the thing, put it nicely called Mr. Xu dollars every time I come home, she said she does not want to stay home, her father every day now know to drink, drinking wine to hit things at home, she was afraid, and aunt to her brother were picked up, he said it was incense old Xu, Xu Gang afraid to hurt, and Xu dollars, nobody on her life and death. " I shook my head "no. Nuggets home jerseys " Grandmother's red eyes, looked at me and nodded, "Ah big all right, you say your child, you can not swim, why the big Ah, ah rescued from the river.

" Heels are out. Until the car, I did not call my dad, and so sit position, only to see the grandmother to me, "Jiao Long, Why do not you as people do." Dad parked the car and walked in, looked at the yard a few people can not help but ask exports. Nuggets finals jerseys " I hand pointed that house "is our home Xianer do. ah !!!!" Next, it is the soul sister cry "Little King ah! The little scene you do not scare me ah! You can not have something ah!" I tugged grandmother's hand "Grandma, we go back and look at it, he could be dead.